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Category: Media Players
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Last Updated: 2015-07-02
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Windows Media Player is a popular media library application used for playing audio/video files. This application was developed by Microsoft and comes in different editions. Streaming videos, music files, and shopping for music has never been so easy thanks to this all-in-one software. Windows Media Player has proved to be a major competitor for iTunes and other media players. Windows Media Player offers a wide range of options to users and comes with an easy to use interface.

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  • Windows media player download supports all kinds of files and formats such as the following: WMV, XVID, 3GP, AAC, MPEG, MP4, MP3, AVI, AVS, DIVX.
  • Users can sign up with paid music services. You can browse through multiple music sites and compare prices.
  • Windows Media Player allows users to sort their music according to their preferences (year, date, genre).
  • Simple search options and a five-star rating system allows you to search for music, rate it, and manage play lists.
  • Drag-and-drop options make it easier for users to create and edit playlists.
  • With the Windows Media Player, you can rip music from discs and also burn music to create CD’s of your choice.
  • Music navigation is easy with the wide array of options available. You can skip, forward, and also copy tracks.
  • Content management on Windows Media Player is simple. Users can create libraries, sync music, import videos and images, and manage albums in an organized manner.
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